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2021 Monopoly Run

UPDATE - 31/01/2021

This time of year is usually an extremely busy period for us; we would be getting close to the cut-off date, answering questions and generally preparing the systems for the day. This year has been somewhat different, registrations have taken a dip, although they are still trickling in but not at the same level as normal. In December we decided to postpone the Run to our backup date in May. It wasn't an easy decision, but the organising team agreed that it was the only option as the restrictions in place meant zero chance of running in our usual slot at the start of March. 

We have recently had further discussions regarding the new date in May. Unfortunately, in light of the current restrictions, we feel it's not possible for us to run the Monopoly Run in 2021. Even after coming out of our current national lockdown, it's likely that we will be entering further scaled restrictions until we are allowed to return to 'normal'. It was agreed that it's not sensible to run an event in London where we ask thousands of Scouts and Guides to descend on the capital when there is still a significant risk to people's health. It’s important to note that this decision wasn't taken likely and is the first time in the 14 year history of the Run that we have had to cancel. We are sorry, as we know it's a staple in many groups’ activity calendar, we know the news will be disappointing. Please be assured we will be coming back in 2022, and we are already very excited and looking forward to seeing you all again. For anybody who has booked and made a payment, please contact us, and we will issue refunds. 

Finally, we want to make 2022 a fantastic event; we are always looking out for ways to make the day more enjoyable. If you have any suggestions/ideas that you think will take the game play or day to the next level, please contact via We have a prime opportunity over this year to add exciting new elements to the Run.


UPDATE - 10/12/2020

The team organising the Run has recently had a meeting to discuss the possibility of us running on the original date of 6th March. It has been decided that although the news of a vaccine is good news, it's not going to be feasible to run on our primary date. So with this, we are moving the date of the Run to the backup date of 22nd May. This will mean that the cut-off deadline for registrations will move to 30th April 2021. Anybody who has registered already won't have to do anything in the system as the data will still be available.


September is usually the time of year where we open the booking system up for another year of the Monopoly Run. This year we have been a little delayed in opening up the booking system as it's had a complete revamp and been re-written from scratch. However, our attention has also been on the current COVID-19 situation. Hence why we want to make you aware of a couple of adjustments that we have made for the 2021 Run.

The most important thing to know at the moment is that we are still planning on having the Run on 6th March 2021. We are hoping that because it's still a while away this date won't be affected, and we will be in a position to run on the 6th. If this is not the case, we have earmarked the 22nd May as a backup date. It is well worth having both of the dates in your diary if you are planning on attending.

We will be reviewing the situation on the day after the cut-off deadline as to whether it will be practical to continue with the primary day. We will continue to monitor the situation in the build-up, but we intend to give you as much time as possible, as we know large numbers of you have complex travel arrangements to arrange.

All spaces will be transferred to the backup date if we find ourselves in that situation, and there will be no additional charge made. If we can't run on the backup date, then the 2021 Run will be cancelled, but we will be back for 2022.

Due to the flexible nature of the next Run, we are changing our T&Cs temporarily. Payments will not be required until we are after the cut-off deadline, and the Monopoly Run organising team has made a decision. At which point, they will be required within seven days to secure places - if we haven't been required to cancel.

Cut off for the Run will be midnight on the 29th January 2021.

Finally, there is a strong possibility that the start point for the Run will have to move from its usual location at Waterloo. We are still working out the best location but will be able to provide the exact location after the cut-off deadline.

We are looking forward to seeing you all again very soon.

Monopoly Run Team

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