Friday, 14 July 2017 10:05

2017 Updates

Firstly I have to say that I've finally managed to make this blog section of the website live. It's been a long time coming, as you can see from the two previous posts that are almost a year old. However, it's now live which is good and my intention is to use this as a platform to push out news and updates from Monopoly Run HQ.

Now on to the main point of this blog post, our updates and a small review of the 2017 Run. This year's Run in March was our largest yet with 1260 players, somewhat daunting as you can imagine. Well, I'm pleased to say that on the whole the day was a very big success and the control team along with Pirate & I were extremely pleased with the way in which the day played out. The best results for us was the feedback that we got from everybody who attended, this also included some feedback on our new app and system. Here are some of the areas that were identified by teams on the Run and also the control team that needed some attention:

  • Results at the end didn't seem to be 100% correct after the game had been completed and the finish button pressed
  • There were some problems with challenges via the app, which stopped teams from uploading and viewing the challenges
  • Quiz entries were coming up incorrectly and submitting of entries incurred some problems
  • It appeared that multiple teams on the same level were able to check iable to purchase the property

So what's new?

Firstly all the issues that we flagged from the last Run have now been fixed, yay! We have also added some cool new functionality as well.

For all you group organisers we have made adding your Scouts/Explorers that much easier with a link to OSM. Yup, you can log in to OSM via the dashboard, select your 'Monopoly Run' event and then the dashboard imports all your players into the system, the only other thing that you have to do is select which tier they are going on. I'm on the look out for some Beta testers for this new addition, so if you are interested please get in touch with me via the helpdesk -

We have also pushed a new version of the app live on both the App and Google Play Stores, it's vitally important that you update your app to this latest version to get all the Challenges and Quiz updates along with security updates for the chat functionality. The new app also knows when it's out of date and will prompt you to update. Watch this space as well over the next couple of months as more updates and changes come to the app.

Finally our last big change of the year (So far!), we have also implemented a new feature for the start of the game. The rules of the day state that you are able to start the game at 9:30 am from Waterloo. This rule for the last couple of years has been pushed a little too far as teams have been ignoring it and picking their packs up from Waterloo and then going to their first check-in location and waiting for the start. This is very unfair on the teams who have followed the rules and waited until the start. Well, no longer can you do that, as you now have to check in at Waterloo via the App or by phoning the Control Team. This check-in also follows the same rules as other places but you are unable to purchase and gain rent, you will, however, receive a Chance card upon check in.

To sum up, we always love hearing from you about your day and if you have any suggestions as to how things could be better we are all ears, the best way to get in contact with us is via the helpdesk or social media.

Hope you are looking forward to next years Run.



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