Monday, 06 August 2018 20:20

2019 Mon Run Pricing & Tier changes

What a complete difference we have from when we were gearing up for the last Run we couldn’t be further away from the arctic conditions that gripped us back in March.

For the team is has been a busy time over the last couple of months getting ready for our bookings to open up as well as getting the bulk of the programming that is required for the day to take place. We have lots of new elements that should make the day even slicker for you, so watch this space for more announcements on what we have been getting up to over the break.

For the moment, we want to focus on pricing and the tiers for you so that you have a better idea in time for when bookings will be opening again in September. The long and short of it is that we are going down to one tier – day runners. The event has now got to the stage where our usage of the Lord Amory plays a smaller part in the overall event for us, so we have taken the decision not to run the camp side of things. However, all is not lost, if you are looking for a place to get your head down for the night. We have been in contact with the guys and girls at the Lord Amory and have ensured that the weekend is still available for any groups who wish to stay onboard. The only difference is that you will make the booking direct with them.

What about the pricing I hear you say, well once again we are keeping the price of entry to £8 per head. For more information about what is included in the cost, please visit our ‘Price’ page. If you are looking for accommodation, the Lord Amory have come up with a special ‘Monopoly Run’ price, more information can be found on the 'Price' page. As always if you are looking to book on to the Run this must be done through the normal booking system which opens up in September.

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