Monopoly Run 'Live' is a real time version of the popular Monopoly Run (London) board game. It is played in 1 day in central London and involves visiting the actual sites that the board game is based on. Our bespoke control system allows teams to compete at once in real time, so it really is all about your tactics and speed in getting around the capital! Here's an outline of how it works: 


  • To buy up properties in the Monopoly board game as possible by visiting the actual locations in central London.
  • You will get rent added to your in-game bank balance when other teams visit a site you own.
  • Complete the quiz on our 'Monopoly Run Live' app for extra income, up to £400!
  • Visit as many of the places on the board as possible, you will get money deducted for every property you don't visit.


  1. You will compete in team with a maximum of 7 people to a team, this includes any adults.
  2. Teams are grouped into games and there will be between 6/7 teams on a game. This means that during the day there are more than one of each property. Your group organiser will also have the opportunity to select whether you groups teams are placed all on the same game or scattered over different games
  3. To start the game you will need to complete the only compulsory check-in, which is at Waterloo
  4. On the day your team will get information telling you where each of the properties are. You can go to the properties in any order.
  5. Upon arrival at a property you will need to check in with the control team by phone or with our app. Phone-in's will be asked a verification question that you can only answer by being at the exact location listed. App check-ins will be verified by GPS position.
  6. If you are using the app - everybody in the team is able to login to the app, but only one phone in your team can register to complete check-ins.
  7. If you successfully complete the verification you will be given the option of buying the property (if another team has not done so already) and allocated a chance or community chest card. 
  8. If you manage to bag all of the properties in the same group you will be able to earn double rent (at the moment we don't run houses or hotels)
  9. Your all done, get on to the next place!
  10. At the end of the day the results will be available to you immediatly as well as a synopsis of your day.



  • Rent from properties you own
  • £200 for passing go (after every fourth property you visit)
  • Chance & community cards
  • Quiz
  • 50% return on investment for all owned properties (calculated at the end of the game)


  • Rent if you land on an owned property.
  • Chance cards
  • Buying property
  • Penalty for each site you don’t visit by the end of the day - 1.5 times the buying cost of the property
  • “Cheating fines” if you are found to be not playing by the rules

Further information & game conditions will be published to players on the day.

Why Come Along?

Monopoly Run Live is first and formost a great day out for any group of scouts or guides. You can play the game at any pace you like, there will be both competitive and more 'relaxed' teams. Everybody who attends will come away with:

  • A great experience and a chance to meet other Scouts/Guides from all over the country
  • Unique 'Monopoly Run Live' uniform badge
  • Access to our app for Apple & Android phones
  • Final team position + full analytics of your day generated by our bespoke control system


How many people can I bring?

Well it's down to you, we have unlimited spaces on Tier 1 so it really doesn't matter.

Do we pay for leaders?

Yes, afraid so.

How do I register?

In order to register you need to visit our booking system, which can be found here -

The system works by one Leader registering your group to take part in the Run, upon signing up you will be asked to fill in your own details and also your groups. After registering you will have two options in order to sign up your members, you can either send a link to your Scouts/Guides and they can do all the filling in for you, or you can fill in our spreadsheet and upload it straight to the system.

How many in a team?

The maximum team size is 7, this includes a leader/helper.

If your teams have anybody under the age of 14 they must be accompanied by an adult. However if the team is solely over 14s then we don't have an issue with them going round on their own, but the final say is with you as group leader.

What do I need on the day?

It can be a very long day so coming prepared is very important. 

It goes without saying that end of Feb/early March can still be quite cold so having the right clothing is a must along with a bottle of water. Pack lunch is optional but we find must bring some money and find somewhere to eat when they are going round.

You will also need to have a mobile phone as our Run is based on active participation and is in real time. We have an app that you will use throughout the day to help you check in, check your team stats and also take part in the challenges and quiz. The app is available on iOS and Android devices.

What time does the Run start and end?

So the Run starts at 9:30am and goes on till 5pm. 

Members of the Run team will be at Waterloo from around 8:30am till shortly after 9:30am to check you in, you will be able to find them under the clock in the centre of the station. They will be there to hand out the packs and give you any last minute information for your day.

What travelcard do I need?

The Run is solely in zones 1 & 2, so you will only need these. Equally most railway stations that you will use to come into London will also be in these zones as well. However do look around for the best price as Railcards and group travel can make the tickets cheaper. 

Where do I get the app from?

The app can be downloaded from the Play Store (Android) and App Store (Apple), and can be found under the name of "Live" Run.

Where do we meet?

You will need to get yourself to London Waterloo Railway station for the start of the event.

Who can come along?

The Run is open to anybody involved in Scouting or Guiding, including any parent helpers that may wish to attend as well. 

Please note that it will be down to you to ensure that any parents/helpers are fully DBS checked.