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How the day works

Monopoly Run 'Live' is a real-time version of the popular Monopoly Run (London) board game. It is played in a single day in central London and involves visiting the actual sites that the board game is based on. Our bespoke control system allows multiple 'mini-games' to be simultaneously run, enabling hundreds of teams to compete on the day, yet each team will only have a maximum of seven other competitor teams, giving everyone a good chance at winning.  The game is all about your tactics and speed in getting around the capital! Here are the main objectives of the day:
Buying Properties

Buying Properties

The principle objective is to buy up as many properties in the Monopoly board game as possible by visiting the actual locations in central London. Within each 'mini-game', the team that arrives at a particular site first has the option to buy it. If they do, then any subsequent teams within their mini-game that arrive will have to pay the owner 'rent'.

Teams visiting a property after it's purchased won't know that has been purchased. This ensures that you have a chance of teams visiting your property.
Earning Rent

Earning Rent

You will get rent automatically added to your in-game bank balance when the other teams within your mini-game visit a site you own. On receiving rent, anybody who signed into the app will receive a push notification.

Your team can also earn extra rent if you own all the properties in a colour group or building a hotel on the property. Hotels can only be purchased if you have enough money in the bank and you own all the properties in a group.
Quiz & Team Challenges

Quiz & Team Challenges

In addition to the standard gameplay, we have a cryptic clue quiz on a theme and team challenges (Photos of your team doing specific tasks). These are completed throughout the day, with the quiz open all day. Team challenges will appear at random times and are time-limited. Our HQ team will then mark the challenges based on the criteria set.

The mobile app manages all of this and each team can gain valuable money towards their bank balance.
Visiting all Properties

Visiting all Properties

The main aim of the day is to visit as many properties as possible. At the end of the day, any properties that you haven't visited will incur a fine for your team. The fine is based on 1.5 times the rent value* of that property.

* This is based on the current status of the property, i.e. whether all the properties in the colour are owned or if there is a hotel.
Each year we refine the game and add additional elements to the day.
Check out any new changes to the game play here - Game Play Changes

How does it all work?

Web Application
Meeting Location

We have three start locations around London; as a group, you will select one of the locations for your teams to 'check in' at, to start their day

Our event marshalls will be on hand to help you and also hand out paper copies of the team packs.


As a group you are allowed to enter as many teams as you would like into the day.

Teams are made up of a maximum of 7 people, we also suggest that teams are no less than 3.

Any teams with participants under the age of 14 must have a leader to accompany them. Leaders are included in maximum team numbers.

Teams with participants over the age of 14 are allowed to go without a leader if the section leader is happy.

A leader must accompany the unit/group at the start and be in and around London to assist when needed; please don't just send Explorers/Rangers on their own to London.

Multiple Games

As we have limited properties and lots of teams, we have to run multiple games. Each game has a maximum of 7 teams. During the day you will only be playing against these teams.

Upon sign up each Scout Group gets to choose whether they would like their teams to be placed in the same game, or whether they will be mixed in with other groups from around the UK.

Starting the Game
Starting the game

Start times are staggered (9:30, 9:45 & 10:00), reducing the rush at the start. After starting, you have until 17:00, 17:15 or 17:30 to complete the Run. Your first task for the day is to check in at your selected Start Zone.

This check-in will allow you to play the rest of the game.

How do we do the first check-in?

You have two options, either by the app (the quickest option) or by phoning the control team.

What happens if we don't?

If you fail or forget to 'check in' at your Start Zone, you will be politely asked to return to 'check-in', no matter where you are.


All of the properties that you will be visiting during the day appear on the London version of Monopoly

Although the location names are the same (e.g.'Bond Street'), the check-in positioning along the road changes each year - possibly by as much as 100 metres. As a team it's your job to get to the exact point that you can see in the image provided for that location (which will be in the game pack and on the app).

To check-in at a location there are two options: the best way is to use the app. This uses GPS to find your location and then check it against the place that you are trying to check-in at. This process normally takes a couple of seconds and then you can be off to your next location.

The second option is to phone into the control team who will be ready and waiting to check you in. Be prepared to answer a question to verify that you are actually at the location.

End of the day
End of the day

After a long day pounding the streets of London, what you do after your team's finish time (official end point of the day) is down to you. With most groups coming far and wide for the day, it's normal for most to bid farewell to the 'big smoke' shortly after the finishing time.

Results for the day are generally published an hour after the end of the day, and these will appear on this site.

Shortly after the main results we will also send an email out to group coordinators with a customised page showing each of your teams, and their stats for the day.

mobile app screenshot

Our Custom Built App

Our custom-built app has been designed to allow you to get the most out of the day. It can be installed on iOS and Android phones and is available from the respective app stores. It can be found by searching for "MR Live".

The app will allow you to:


We get a lot of questions throughout the year about the event. It's more than likely you will be able to find the answer either on this website or in our FAQ's. Click on the button below to view our FAQ's, if you don't find the answer you are looking you will also be able to contact us via our ticket support.
Monopoly Run FAQs

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