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Results 2023

And the results are in! We hope you all had a great day. Select your team name below to see how you faired against the other players in your game.

This year, we had 200 simultaneous games, pitting each team against seven others. In total, 1386 teams were playing at the same time. Please note that the overall ranking is somewhat meaningless, as you weren't playing against all the other games. We also don't provide an overall rankings list, just your game results.

If you have any questions or constructive feedback on the day, contact us @ Be great to see your photos and comments on social media, but please note we may not be able to reply to all posts.

Thank you for playing, and hope to see you all again next year!
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Game Position Overall Position Team Scout Group Bank Balance

2023 Quiz Answers

Answers below for this year's cryptic quiz.
Wombles and Tennis
Angry Ricky Gervais
Creepy Crawlies Crossing
Scandinavian Mound
Back To School
We Don't Need Less Gate, We Need...
Make A Wish On This Road
Wearing Headwear And Feeling Angry
Fantastic Oregon Road
Bespoke Residence
Coming Down Like A...
Perfect If You're Planning A Funeral
Lime Coloured Fiesta, Focus or Anglia
Poultry Residence
The Name's Street...
Napoleon Met His End Here
A Famous Hall, Without The Hall
Six Willows, Seven Pines, Eight Oaks
Seven Brothers For...
Not A Youthful Road
1.6 Kilometre Conclusion
Woof Woof
The Voice Of An...
Noisy Shape

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