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Game Play Changes

We are always keen to make the day the best that it possibly can. Each time we run the event we fine little bugs and have a wealth of suggestions that come from both plays and controllers. Where possible we try to take onboard the feedback and add any suggestions to the game play. Below are a list of all the updates that we have made for the Monopoly Run in that specific year.

If you have any suggestions please don't hesitate to get in contact with us.

Changes for 2024
  • Entry Payments -  Changes have been made to the registration process, such that 'Group Coordinators' will now need to pay for 'players/participants' when adding them to the system. We have removed the 'Sign up via form/URL' option; however, adding via OSM and Spreadsheet is still available.
  • Snapshots - These will allow you to purchase a moment-in-time view of your game, showing you all the properties on the board, whether they have been purchased, who owns them, and if there is a hotel on the property. You can purchase as many snapshots as you like in the day if you have enough money in the bank.
  • Team Start times - Group Coordinators will now be able to view the start times of your teams via the booking system. Please note - they will only become viewable approximately a week and a half before the event.
Changes for 2023
  • Start Times - We have introduced a staggered start time - 9:30 am, 9:45 am & 10 am. Teams will be allocated randomly to a start time by the system. All teams in the game will start at the same time. The games will finish at 5 pm, 5:15 pm & 5:30 pm, respectively. This will mean everybody still has the same amount of game time
  • Purchasing Properties - To purchase a property, you must now have sufficient funds. You will still be able to visit a property and check-in if you are in a negative bank balance, but you will be 'Just visiting'.
  • App Updates - Lots of time has been focused on the app this year to iron out little bugs like logging you out after not using the app for a while, keeping your position on a scrolling page, improving underlying code to name a few.
Changes for 2022
  • Free Parking - Your team now has the chance to pick up some extra money by visiting Free Parking. During the day a pot of money for your game is topped up by fines from chance cards. You have the opportunity to 'win' the pot by visiting one of the Free Parking locations, so where in London. The locations will only be known on the day.
  • Hotels - This is a long requested addition to the game but it's finally here. If you own all the properties in the same colour, you will now have the opportunity to purchase a hotel. Hotels will enable your to get more rent when other teams visit your property


We get a lot of questions throughout the year about the event. It's more than likely you will be able to find the answer either on this website or in our FAQ's. Click on the button below to view our FAQ's, if you don't find the answer you are looking you will also be able to contact us via our ticket support.
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