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Results 2024

And the results are in! We hope you all had a great day. Select your team name below to see how you faired against the other players in your game.

This year, we had 200 simultaneous games, pitting each team against seven others. In total, 1395 teams were playing at the same time. Please note that the overall ranking is somewhat meaningless, as you weren't playing against all the other games.

If you have any questions or constructive feedback on the day, contact us at the Monopoly Helpdesk. Be great to see your photos and comments on social media, but please note we may not be able to reply to all posts.

Thank you for playing, and hope to see you all again next time!
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2024 Quiz Answers

Answers below for this year's cryptic quiz - London Landmarks.
Shopping for the Royals
The Mall
Opposite Of Little Bill
Don't Hurt Your Foot On This
Great For Keeping The Tide At Bay
It's Got A Very Overinflated Opinion Of Itself
City Vision
Singing Like A Dockside
Wonky Circle
Admiral's Plinth
Perfect With Your Fish and Chips
Stop Making Such a Racquet
O Romeo, Romeo
Home For Regal Singers
Ordlerly Gardens
Big Phone Mast
Off With Their Heads
They Think It's All Over...
Wax On, Wax Off
Falling Down No Longer
Stone Span
Tea Clipper
Wild Things Are Happening Here
Elemental Theatre
Snakey Lake
Robbing St Peters to pay...

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